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Grim Finance Hack deep dive - Latest FTM Unchained episode

For those of you affected by the Grim Finance hack (myself included albeit, I was not completely rekt), I highly recommend for you to listen to the first chunk of today's Fantom unchained. It gives a good perspective on SECURITY and the WARNING SIGNS that were apparent. Commentary from 0xBebis on this podcast is making me rethink my strategies and how much risk I am actually taking - one cannot assume that you are working with a solid product even if the front-end UI is great, or just because they have an audit done by Solidity, which is apparently a low-tier auditing firm. Have a great day!
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THIS is Why Fantom (FTM) Can Hit $3 Very Soon!

According to statistics from DefiLlama, Fantom has surpassed Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to become the third-largest crypto protocol in decentralised finance (DeFi) with over $12.2 billion total value l...
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How to connect to the Fantom Network?

In this video we will go through how to connect to the Fantom Opera Network in less than 2 minutes. That way you can participate in the vibrant gaming and defi environment of the Fantom ecosystem.   ...
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Fantom transactions surpass Ethereum

Transactions on Fantom exceeded those of Ethereum for the first time ever on Monday, as investors seek newer avenues to farm yields and accrue value.