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fWallet & Fantom ecosystem noob questions

Ahoy! Can anyone answers these noob questions… much appreciated! I’ve activated my fWallet, transferred 5.98 FTM from Binance.US to test it out before I begin the asset migration over. I’ve also connected Opera to my MetaMask & fWallet. I’ve sent 1 FTM from fWallet to MetaMask. It’s there. I then swapped 1 FTM to wFTM & sent it to my MetaMask, but the 1 wFTM is not showing in the MM wallet. Q1: what do I need to toggle in MM to make the wFTM show up in MM or did I do something wrong? Q2: when activating fWallet, does fWallet hold a couple/few FTM back for future network fees or something? … I had 5.98 FTM it said I only had available to withdraw 4.34 FTM … I tested the fWallet staking feature, but it said I only had 2.70 FTM available to be staked, I didn’t execute on either, but what’s the FTM disparity? Q3: what are or where can I find the % APY paid out & terms for fWallet staking? Q4: why is this shit so complicated & why is there no instruction manual for basically anything related to defi? ha
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