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Fantom is soon going to be in the Top 15 crypto currencies. Here's why:

So in the past we have seen how quick Layer 1 projects can move towards the top ranks in the crypto space. Especially when they are improving two things in comparison to other platforms: 1) Transaction Speed 2) Transaction Cost Which basically means: Increase of scalability! If this goes hand in hand with no loss of security, people will start moving their funds. We have recently experienced a massive pump of AVAX and some time before SOL climbed its way up to the Top 5. Right now, this leaves the question of who is going to take their places. And I think Fantom has good chances. Very good chances actually. "You're payments are recieved faster than you can swipe your credit card" This is what Fantom is promising their users. A network that has better speed, scalability and security than other on-going projects. With their innovative consensus mechanism **Lachesis** they enable much faster and cheaper transactions (4500 transactions/second). And how does it work? The Fantom network, unlike many other crypto currencies, is not using a normal block-chain but a so called **DAG**. Essentially, DAG is a ledger that takes the form of a graph, with transactions "stacked" atop one another instead of "chained" together. So DAG platforms make for much quicker and more efficient systems than blockchains. Here are some reasons why more and more people could buy Fantom: * because of their Incentive Program (which currently contains a pool of 370 million FTM) devs are incentivized to build on the Fantom network –> more amazing projects launching on Fantom * Fantom is EVM compatible. This means that every project running on Ethereum can essentially be copied and pasted over to Fantom and should work with just a few minor changes * fantastic branding: all the projects that are being developed share a general theme of spookiness (SpiritSwap, Rea...
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My case for a 6-10$ #Fantom:- #FTM is one of the most attractive platforms for developers (@RealNatashaChe tweet)- FTM has one of the highest TVL, higher than MATCI, ALGO, EGLD while all of them has a...