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Fantom Farming report Nov 18th

Hi, I am addicted to farming the fantom ecosystem. Here are my thoughts and strategies for this week. Feel free to share your strategies, new projects you joined and everything else! i want to know 1-Farms I am currently in: Spooky, Spirit, Beethoven X, tomb, curve, reaper, grim, scream, geist, abracadabra, yearn. I didnot open any new farms on ftm this week. I have focused my research efforts on GameFi, and I have not found any good project on fantom (Rarity is cool, but it is still being built and it is not investable). FYI I decided to join the $ron mining on Ronin chain with a small bag of eth 2-Ftm ecosystem tokens price action: * it has been a bloodbath as of late. We were already down big time since the end of October and last week has seen declines between -50% (scream) and -23%(boo). This does not suit my plan very well. I had planned to reinvest all my farming profits from July to October and start using 50% of my weekly farming projects to pay back my borrowed stable coins in November. I feel like some tokens really have a lot of price potential (boo, spirit, tomb, beet) so I am going to reduce to 25% the portion of my weekly farming profits that will be used to pay back my leverage. * There are also tokens I feel need to improve their value prop: * Tarot: currently, it is not much more than a farming token. Tigris announced that xTarot is coming and I suppose this will mean that xTarot holders will be entitled to a portion of the fees and eventually vote on proposition. * **I think Tarot usage would sky rocket if they just made the UI to look more like AAVE or geist.** People only see the leveraged LP aspect of the protocol. It looks complicated. But what people don't seem to realize is that you can use the protocol just like a basic AAVE style money market AND often get 40% + apr on single side deposit. * Scream: need more use case for the scream token. This is a great money market but I don't understand why: * 1-we can't deposi...
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