Earn a steady income flow with stablecoins? Now, you can do it with Stader FTM and RevenantLabs’s Creditum

self.FantomFoundation1m ago
What if you could earn a steady income flow with stablecoins? All while getting staking rewards and securing @FantomFDN’s network Now, you can do it with @Stader_FTM and @RevenantLabs’s Creditum Here’s how 🧵 Let’s start with 100 FTM. Step #1: Stake 100 FTM on @stader_ftm In return, you’ll get sFTMX. Step #2: Deposit your sFTMx as collateral in Creditum finance. Here’s the link: https://revenantlabs.io/creditum Next: Step #3: Borrow up to 40% of your sFTMX value (worth 100 FTM) on cUSD. You now have ~40 FTM worth of cUSD. You can explore new strategies using stable coins. Step #4: Swap cUSD to DAI on @CurveFinance . This gives you the possibility to join stable LPs. Next: 4) Swap 50% of DAI to another stablecoin and join a stable LP. For example the “Dai-Abolical Balance” LP on @beethoven_x . That’s a 23% APY from your stablecoins And guess what? There’s no impermanent loss to worry about. Finally: Let’s recap your rewards: - 13.5% APY on sFTMX - ~8% return on original investment from 23% APY rewards on your borrowed stables (i.e.~40 borrowed x {23% rewards - 4% borrow rate}) - No impermanent loss to worry about All thanks to sFTMX. Mint now: http://fantom.staderlabs.com