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Best way to bridge on fantom using multichain

How to get FTM on opera using with minimal fees: Bridging FTM tokens from ethereum to fantom opera using multichain has a bridge fee of 80 FTM min., however, if you bridge USDC/DAI/WETH/WBTC/LINK/... (tokens which are erc-20 on both networks), the bridge fee will be 0. How to: 1. visit and connect your ethereum wallet 2. on the "from" selection, search for the token you want to send from ethereum to opera network 3. you will probably see a few identical entries for the token you searched, select the one on the bottom 4. the "to" selection should now show your token with a fantom logo next to it. if it doesn't, either select a different version of the token you're trying to bridge in the "from" selection or see if you can change the "to" token to the fantom opera version of your token 5. bridge the token and swap for FTM on spookyswap, spiritswap or hyperswap DEX Note: you need to have some FTM opera tokens in the address you're using on opera network to pay for any transaction(that's the token that costs 80 FTM to bridge). If you don't already have some FTM in your opera address for gas, you can sign up in the bottom spreadsheet to receive a 0.0001 FTM airdrop (spreadsheet currently set to private, waiting for @ftmalerts to make it public)
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