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Be careful of Scammers in this Sub

Few hours ago I wrote here that I need to Bridge my FTM from BSC network to the FTM network... I got DM'd by this guy "providing me a solution". I already messaged the mods, but to no avail. So here I go, hoping the mods will see it :) Link to Album with the conversation: []( So either this guy was led to do this by someone else, or he is the one doing it and playing dumb af... anyway NEVER SHARE YOUR SECRET PHRASE / MNEMONIC WITH ANYONE EVER... //EDIT: Also notice that "METAMASK WALLET INSANT SUPPORT" :D //EDIT2: Got second Email from the "support" []( //EDIT3: Email no.3 >Thank you for reaching out to metamask wallet solution . And your response has been received at this time.Kindly provide correctly the 12 word phrase for this account to enable us assist you . Kindly go to the backup section of your account settings to find your 12 word phrase .Why this is neededAll of the metamask wallets created are decentralized. Our system is unable to access or(/and) identify your wallet without the required verification phrases. All of the information sent between two parties(SENDER & HOST) is passed through a secure SSL SHA-256 encrypted channel and is inaccessable. All of the private details of the customer are private. The support request is passed on to the Blockchain system after verification for further inspection and analysis of the issue. If you wish to read more about the system of Blockchain wallets. > >We await your swift response. ​ >Response > >My switf response to you my sweethearts > >" Funny Urban City Kid Yard Obey Urge Sheriff Caution Acquire Must Screen " > >good luck, lemme know as soon as possible! > >sincerely, Rixon Dicksonseth Vuodin ​
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My case for a 6-10$ #Fantom:- #FTM is one of the most attractive platforms for developers (@RealNatashaChe tweet)- FTM has one of the highest TVL, higher than MATCI, ALGO, EGLD while all of them has a...