All you need to know about $LQDR and why you should own some!

self.FantomFoundation1m ago
1/ LiquidDriver is the first liquidity mining protocol providing liquidity-as-a-service (LaaS) in the Fantom ecosystem. The protocol operates as a layer on top of existing DeFi infrastructure. 2/ $LQDR allows users to strategically point their liquidity across DeFi in a coordinated effort to earn a greater yield than if they deposited directly into the liquidity pool. 3/ When users deposit their LP tokens into LiquidDriver, they are paid farming rewards in LiquidDriver’s reward token LQDR. 4/ The LPs are then deposited in partner farms to generate yields paid in the native token. 95% of these native farm tokens are sent to the revenue sharing vault to be distributed amongst stakers of LiquidDriver’s governance token xLQDR. 5/ LiquidDriver was built to prevent the following: - Whales manipulate the game with sizeable funds and dumping on other stakers. - Intensive token emission ultimately leading to price suppression. 6/ - Liquidity providers for non-LQDR pairs bear less risk and are inclined to “farm and dump.” 7/ Regarding the Tokenomics as we have seen LiquidDriver has two tokens: - $LQDR (farming reward token) - $xLQDR (vested version used as a governance token) 8/ Let's take a deeper look at $xLQDR now! $xLQDR is a vested version of $LQDR similar to $xBOO and other xTokens. It is a revenue sharing token designed to give further utility to holders. 9/ Currently 95% of the native farm tokens LiquidDriver earns are redistributed to xLQDR holders over time. 10/ By locking up their xLQDR, investors can earn regular passive income from a basket of tokens including $LQDR, $WFTM, $linSPIRIT, $BOO, $SPELL, $BEETS and $DEUS The Actual APR is around 86% which allows you to earn a significant amount of other tokens! 11/ The major strenght of LiquidDriver is exactly Revenue Share. RS allows you to passively earn from your $LQDR bags a huge amount of other $FTM ecosystem tokens. 12/ This will let you diversify passively your portfolio and expose your self to different tokens. Always remember that investing without Diversifying your portfolio is the worst thing you could do. Diversifying is the key to reduce losses! 13/ Regarding the Price Action $LQDR has suffered a huge downtrend in the last three months due to $BTC dump and to the huge price extending. In fact in January the price skyrocketed to $60 but this pump was followed by a very deep retracement in the next week. 14/ At the moment $LQDR is moving around $3.2 and is trying to recover the $5 area. We will see probably a good upward trend when $FTM starts to rally. 15/ There is still a lot to say about LiquidDriver and i suggest you to DYOR and to go deeper than this (maybe read something about linSpirit and liHND). Unfortunately going further than this could be too boring so my main aim is to give you some material to start from! Source: @CryptoDinduz