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A Primer on Tomb.Finance - An token pegged to the success of FTM!

Tomb Finance is a decentralized yield protocol native to the Fantom Opera network. Tomb’s token, TOMB, aims to be the backbone, main medium of exchange and main source of liquidity for the network.

This is not financial advice. Do your own research. The author discloses a small position on Tomb.Finance.

As of writing this post, Tomb.Finance has over $600 million USD total value locked¹ (TVL). It is the highest Fantom-native yield protocol by TVL, sits at #14 by TVL across all blockchains¹, and boasts some of the highest yield rewards on Fantom.

Fantom is an emerging, highly-scalable, layer 1 blockchain with a revolutionary consensus model that can reach transaction finality in 1–2 seconds. It also is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, meaning that solidity contracts written for Ethereum can literally be copy and pasted and deployed on Fantom. Fantom’s low fees and sub-2 second transaction finality make it, and Tomb.Finance, an easy entry into the world of decentralized finance with tremendous room for growth.

Yield Farming Opportunities

Liquidity pools in “The Cemetery” for the pairs TOMB-FTM and TSHARE-FTM. Yields are currently floating between 200–500% APR¹. These LP farms reward TSHARE.

Staking TSHARE in “The Masonry” rewards TOMB at a yield of 400–500% APR¹.

The “go-to” strategy is to provide liquidity with FTM-TOMB, receive TSHARE, stake TSHARE, receive TOMB, swap 50% of the TOMB for FTM, buy FTM-TOMB, stake FTM-TOMB. Rinse and repeat.

Outside of the Tomb Protocol there exists auto-compounders/aggregator vaults such as and On these platforms, the TOMB-FTM and TSHARE-FTM vaults trade the TSHARE rewards for more LP and the TSHARE vaults trade the TOMB reward for more TSHARE, automatically.



The TOMB token is algorithmically pegged to FTM (Fantom’s native coin). It does this by dynamically adjusting TOMB’s supply, which pushes ...

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