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https://preview.redd.it/h29zswfsh6t81.jpg?width=1280&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=de150960949ca8ab4a10b65d0049cec45ee4e922 ​ Lock limit is increased from **200,000** to **400,000 fLIBERO** per wallet. We will continue to raise this limit gradually and finally to unlimited. 🎁fLibero Bank offers you highest dual rewards 1.5K% wFTM APR plus 23.4K% fLIBERO APY ⏰100% your locked FLIBERO amount is backed after 47 - 69 days if you lock for 4 years. And after that, everyday fLIBERO and wFTM or USDC come to you at a great APR cost-free. 💹Some analysis think that WFTM can reach even $10 with enough time. It means the APR of Flibero Bank is x6. 🤑Dynamic FLIBERO rewards to make sure that the FLIBERO Bank stakers still get good rewards even when the volume going lower. 🎁**Earn up to 10% commision in wFTM + 10% commision in fLIBERO with 5 Referral Bonus Levels** Be a fLIBERO BANK staker now! https://flibero.financial/flibero-bank —— **About FLibero:** [**Website**](https://www.flibero.financial/) **|** [**Discord**](https://discord.gg/8dBhrZUXze) **|** [**Telegram Channel**](https://t.me/FLiberoOfficialChannel) **|** [**Telegram Group**](https://t.me/FLiberoOfficialGroup) **|** [**Twitter**](https://twitter.com/fLibero_Fi) **|** [**Youtube**](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRu57OBzlUfK5t3cZZ-FWBg) **|** [**Buy FLIBERO**](https://fantom.thoreum.capital/exchange/?outputCurrency=0xc3f069d7439baf6d4d6e9478d9cc77778e62d147)