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Why is the coin necessary?

I'm very new to cryptocurrencies and to Factom and I have a question (forgive me if it has been asked before or if it is not a well-founded question). I think that I understand the concept of running this service on top of the blockchain, but what is the benefit to the consumer of tying the cost of the service Factom is providing to a coin that will change (hopefully increase) in value significantly over time? In addition, what is the business reason for Factom to tie the service to a coin? Why would Factom as a company not sell their service to end-users in a more traditional way like just setting a flat rate and generate Factoids as quickly as they'd like? Basically, why is Factom's service tied to a coin and why does Factom need us to buy it? Edit: I have reread the ["The Genius of the Factom Two-Token System"](http://factomize.com/the-genius-of-the-factom-two-token-system/). I think that this answers the question, but maybe I am just not realizing the value of it being decentralized. I don't understand why Factom wouldn't want to control all of the Factoids and not make it a publically traded coin.
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