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Factom Realtime Explorer released

The first realtime explorer for Factom Blockchain has been released! https://preview.redd.it/uhpc9vt5wo551.jpg?width=1280&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=2365dada65dac7d10fb98f033c12fa9ed786872d [**https://explorer.factom.pro**](https://explorer.factom.pro) **With Factom Realtime Explorer all chains, entries, and transactions are caught up within 1–2 seconds** — that means you don’t need to wait for block confirmation, you can see or share your transactions or data entries instantly after submission to the network. Additionally, Factom Realtime Explorer has significantly improved performance and a lot of usability features: 1. Realtime entries, chains, factoid transactions 2. Search chains by ExtIDs (and share search results) 3. Search by all hashes 4. Fully responsive design 5. Explore huge chains 6. Custom pages sizes 7. Copyable hashes and external IDs 8. Clickable External IDs 9. External IDs in Directory Block & Chain views 10. Blockchain Hints 11. Filtering Entry Credit transactions by commit type, entry hash, paying address 12. Filtering Factoid transactions by type 13. Coinbase transactions 14. Human-readable Exchange Rate 15. JSON formatting of Entry Content 16. Emoji and non-latin characters support 17. Dynamic page titles 18. Fast navigation across sub-blocks 19. Icons for intuitive navigation 20. Display all Entry Blocks of the Entry 21. Live Factom Blockchain Stats 22. High Redundancy All features are explained in this Medium article: [https://medium.com/factom-pro/factom-realtime-explorer-690718ee2a69](https://medium.com/factom-pro/factom-realtime-explorer-690718ee2a69)
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