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Factom operator Consensus Networks wins 1.5m Phase II contract with DoD, US Navy

SOUTH BEND, Ind., May 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Department of the Navy awarded Consensus Networks a $1.5M contract for its blockchain enabled logistics tool, HealthNet. Medical Supply Chain breakdowns made headlines throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and Consensus Networks' technology is being advanced to ensure the Navy is utilizing the most current technology to manage their medical inventory at home and abroad.

The platform will be piloted in late 2021 with a focus on accurate demand forecasting and automated flow of supplies for true just-in time delivery of essential products such as blood and plasma.

HealthNet is designed for medical operators utilizing an integrated data environment and intuitive front-end capable of tracking medical supplies from manufacturer or supplier to patient, saving time and reducing waste.

Key features include:

Real-time inventory tracking Expiration and consumable monitoring Modular API integrations Cold-chain/product quality verification EHR/ERP Integration Real-time demand prediction and supply planning Cross-hospital load balancing of supplies

The platform is built using modern cloud native web architectures and is designed to seamlessly integrate along existing supply chain infrastructure to minimize disruptions in existing workflows.

Blockchain is used to secure aspects of the platform, including trusted IoT compute and immutable audit trails using IoTeX and Factom blockchains respectively. "We choose to build using public blockchain networks because of their existing and robust consensus mechanisms and network infrastructure." Says CEO Nate Miller.

Essential networks, like healthcare, undergo cyber attacks everyday. Blockchain technology and distributed networks are capable of being resilient in the face of such attacks, ensuring vital processes and information flow is not disrupted.

"Accurate forecasting and delivery of medical supplies to our forces abroad is o...

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