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Product Update #2 — Open Source & Website Updates – Exchange Union

Product Update #2 — Open Source & Website Updates

In the past month we have been travelling all over the USA, attending Blockchain Connect in San Francisco, TNABC in Miami and checking out the latest blockchain tech at Stanford’s BPASE18 conference (check out Lightning Lab’s Laolu rapping on hardening lightning) and meeting several industry veterans (among them Joseph Poon, Charlie Lee, Andrew Lee and JJ from Purse, Ariel & Diego from RSK, Ryan X. Charles, Sunny Ray from UnoCoin and Sebastian from Ripio) who provided insightful feedback on Exchange Union’s technology.

Also, we hosted our first meetup where we talked about our vision and the technology we are using. Video recordings are available on our YouTube channel. If you are interested in taking a look at PowerPoint slides from our speeches and other material from these events you can take a look here. Make sure to check it out if you want to learn more about payment channels (Lightning) and atomic swaps!

We also updated our website, which now features a slicker UI and a new ‘Developer’ section with more technical information and a guide on how to contribute to our project and earn XUC. This section is still in its infancy as we are currently working on a more elegant way to reward developers ensuring this process is as streamlined as possible. Updates soon!

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