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Weekly Bounty Thread 20-09-17

Welcome to the weekly bounty thread! If you would like to claim a bounty, email [email protected] with: What bounty you are claiming When you think you will able to complete the bounty by Why you believe you are the best choice to choose for the bounty Once a bounty has been claimed it will be stricken off the list, but if the bounty has not been completed or completed unsatisfactorily, it will be returned to the list. Once someone claims a bounty, they will be required to sign a Bitquence Service Agreement, which will avoid legal issues. If anyone would like to suggest a bounty for some project they beleive would help bitquence, feel free to comment it here, or email [email protected] with the specifics.     **Bounties**   **Hiring bounty** * 10,000BQX * This is a special referral bounty post. We are looking for a crypto engineer to join the BQX team full-time. If you refer an engineer we will provide YOU with 10,000 BQX tokens AND the engineer 10,000 BQX tokens as a hiring bonus. Note that the engineer must stay employed for 90 days for both bonuses to take effect. **JOB DESCRIPTION** * Be the subject matter expert on the engineering team for * CryptoCurrency related design and implementation * Be a primary contributor to the Bitquence platform Requirements: * TECH STACK & TOOLS * Amazon EC2 * Java, Play, JavaScript * MySQL * JIRA * Slack **MUST HAVE** * Must have strong understanding of CryptoCurrency technology * Must have been a primary contributor on CryptoCurrency engineering projects * Must have strong desire to change the CryptoCurrency market by writing great software * Must have at least 4 years of professional software development experience. More is better * Must have at least 2 years of experience with Java * Must be able to demonstrate good understanding of well organized source code development. **NICE TO HAVE** * Experience working with a remote team * Experience working in a startup * Experience...
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