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Was at Bloxpo yesterday and it was really great. But I would love to see Ethos there next year!!

A great first event of Bloxpo. After attending the conference the market can do what it wants for all that I'm concerned. I feel so confident in the cryptocommunity and it's dreams and ambitions to grow together understanding that this is just the starting faze of something amazing for the entire world. But one thing was also apparent. The real-life crypto-community outside of cryptocurrency desperately need places to meet. We need more hubs and portals for people to meet, discuss, brainstorm and build together. Without the physical representation of a Crypto-community outside of all the projects that passionate people like The EthosTeam are building we are just people staring at a screen. We cant just invest and then complain when the market doesnt go bullish. Without a physical representation of a cryprocommunity, nothing will happen in the longterm and we can say byebye to a mainstream future because as we all know, if people can avoid it, they will avoid the unknown. We all get stuck in the illusion of it being a bit intimidating or even frightening. But after scary comes YaYie! Personal growth. So what if we could create the environment to solve the problem of this fear? Anyway! We had so much fun and at the end of the conference we were a group of like 5 people who created this little offline Telegramchat (Roskilde) sarcastically lol. Together we were just trying to solve this challenge with atleast a tiny step in the moment. This offlinechat was occuring in real-life, us just standing in a circle with this woman Noreen who had this amazing and fun energy. None of us really knew each other and she just ripped through this initial barrier and so we ended up with these couple concepts of popupshops, and +1 conferences. But I want to create hubs now too. Wouldnt that be a fun concept for a crypto? Creating a token that you use at these Hubs that help us as a community to grow? Where you can buy this Hubtoken with the Ethos wallet i.e. and pay for stuff wi...
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