Zhu Su is a modern day snake oil salesman hating on Ethereum for his own financial benefit

self.ethereum1m ago
[He was](https://twitter.com/zhusu) pumping his bags hard at 140. Def one of the biggest con artists out there and swindles his Twitter followers. \-From Nov 22, 2021- [https://thecoin.news/articles/billionaire-avalanche-backer-su-zhu-stirs-controversy-ethereum-criticism-1637597348923](https://thecoin.news/articles/billionaire-avalanche-backer-su-zhu-stirs-controversy-ethereum-criticism-1637597348923) Avax was a chain for ponzi's all along and a VC insider job who bought presale under $1. zHU was causing a shit show on Nov 21, 21 and it was literally the top. Obviously he was selling. He is the Chamath snakeoil salesman of crypto Add him to the list with Do Kwon and Justin Sun who belong in jail for life for scamming the common people. SHAME ​ https://preview.redd.it/aq6lei125n191.png?width=643&format=png&auto=webp&s=78441c2d4eec66ba84d98b0e3ec2fd57ed9cf9cf