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⚠️Your funds aren't safe in Binance⚠️ they're CENTRALIZED, sketchy and accountable to NO ONE.

Binance say they ["moved their company to Malta"]( and then the Malta government came out and said basically that [this was a lie]( The CEO of Binance was asked SIMPLY where his company is based out of and he basically freaked out: > This seemingly simple question is actually more complex. Until February, Binance was considered to be based in Malta. That changed when the island European nation announced that, no, Binance is not under its jurisdiction. Since then Binance has not said just where, exactly, it is now headquartered. > > Little wonder that when asked Zhao reddened; he stammered. He looked off-camera, possibly to an aide. “Well, I think what this is is the beauty of the blockchain, right, so you don’t have to … like where’s the Bitcoin office, because Bitcoin doesn’t have an office,” he said. > source: Binance is a centralized exchange who **answers to no one**. They could exit scam you easily. If you don't think it could happen just take a look at Quadriga. The largest crypto exchange in Canada: notice how it's **completely gone** and millions (billions?) of dollars in ETH and BTC wiped out, the owner of the exchange fleeing the country. This happened to an exchange registered in a financially respectable country. To make Binance **even more sleazy** and to possibly deflect on the fact that they're centralized *and* answer to no one - they copy pasted ethereum and made their own blockchain where they control the validation process and so it's not even decentralized at all. But they gave it a cute name and some pretty UI and are trying to convince people to use it. # Safer Alternatives to Binance 1. Uniswap - high fees atm b...
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