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Xena Exchange Releases Interactive Charts That Collect Live Data From Huobi And Coinbase

Xena Exchange’s CEO Anton Kravchenko has revealed in an interview that Xena Exchange has just released “market barometer,” a set of interactive charts filtering data from Huobi, Coinbase Pro, Bitstamp, and Bitfinex.

Founded in the summer of 2017, the company has had two funding rounds to date totaling $3,500,000. When asked if Xena Exchange will be raising additional funds, Kravchenko said, “We are in serious talks with American venture capitalists.” Tomorrow, the company will be releasing market barometer at Consensus.

Anton Kravchenko

Xena Exchange

"Traders are overloaded with big data they need to interpret in the right way. They need to constantly switch from one monitor to another, searching for the right signal or pattern This results in stress, and stress results in mistakes. The Xena market barometer is meant to make the analytics ergonomic, and provide the trader with all the information they seek on one dashboard," says Kravchenko.

Market barometer consists of 8 charts, a printline graph, market profile, volume bubbles, a news stream, ratios, combined order book, bid/ask sums, a volume heatmap, and smart tape.

Market Barometer

Xena Exchange

Printline: The printline graph allows users to monitor the history of large volumes formed under particular patterns and see how the volume changes in real-time. According to Kravchenko, “The chart is especially useful for scalpers and intraday traders, as it allows them to open or close positions at the right time and avoid false signals.”

Volume bubbles: Volume bubbles help traders better understand the cause of price movements and predict short-term inertial price changes. This chart allows users to look at volumes, focussing specifically on volume bursts and their structure.

News stream: The news feed is designed such that the user immediately sees the most important topics likely to affe...

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