Wrote a tool to generate historical PNL of any wallet on Ethereum

1M Ago
I've been trading crypto long before Uniswap was a thing. But during all those years, nobody to this day created a simple script to generate a ROI/PNL report for your DeFi trades. Tired of waiting, I decided to build it myself. As it stands, you can see a historical view of your trades / transactions and your monthly performance. So this tool aims to provide a historical overview of what actually happened. You can use it to: \- Track your own performance \- Analyze wallets/competitors for trading All the heavy lifting has been done and I would be grateful if some of you tried it out and suggested on metrics to add - it's all quite trivial at this stage. Please let me know in the comments which metrics I should add, or if you have some other ideas for me to implement. Here is a [demo address to check out](https://www.upline.finance/address/0x383424c79874bb0b0d5f0d578bd05b890dd14637). P.S. I am also adding 2 reports - NFT report + DeFi tax report next.