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WRIO Internet OS: Join us in our journey to a better alternative!

KeijiN Hello Everyone, We're webRunes, and we've been working for quite some time on an alternative to the internet experience we have today, our alternative will be free of censorship, cryptographically secure, private, reputation based, and we're calling it WRIO Internet OS, so we'd like to let you know what it is, and touch on where we are in the project at this stage.WRIO Internet OS is an open-source Internet OS platform and a gateway to a constantly secure user-centric Web 3.0, enabling a next-generation internet experience.  In other words, it's a browser-driven operating system on the Ethereum Blockchain, and a platform for Semantics, Reputation, Privacy, P2P, dApps, and a Crypto-economy — without intermediaries.Key features:- A global and decentralized pool of open, shareable, reusable and machine-readable semantic data that needs neither API nor SEO. A newer concept to the traditional functions and usage of websites.- Monetization and automatic content distribution.- Content is censor-proof, and block-proof.- Rich functionality through cloud/distributed mashup applications. No need to download, update, install or setup any software.- A generally accessible decentralized base of user profiles through the Ethereum blockchain (Secure one-click authorization).- Reputation system as an algorithm of reaching a consensus.Just to let you know: At the moment, we're finalizing our whitepaper- which you can have a look at through our slack, so we'll be there to answer more questions, and more importantly, we're very open to suggestions.  The team is also looking for Growth-hackers with an understanding of the blockchain space, you're welcome to drop in for more info on that.See our github here!See our introductory post here!A Bounty Campaign for early adopters: webRunes Gold (WRG) Our project is at the stage of raising awareness; more updates will come s...
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