Would you ever pay for a personal crypto friend?


Would love some feedback on something of a business idea I was considering.So if you look back through my post history, you'll see that I generally like to help people in crypto where possible with any problems that they have in crypto. It's a jungle out there and people are always there to take advantage of people. I enjoy helping people and I think there are plenty of beginners that would love to get into the space but don't know how or where to get started.

Now, I fully realise people are going to call this a scam and I'd find it very hard to ever get something like this off the ground however, I'd love to get some feedback from actual crypto users on the idea.

  1. I won't be offering any sort of financial advice.
  2. I would advise people on particular coins or airdrops if that particular person asked for any feedback on whether they look legitimate or not (based off num of holders, any online feedback or scam reports etc.). Regardless of any token looking legitimate, I would be carefully wording any response that any action is taken of their own decision.
  3. Would help educate people, they can ask me any questions on crypto etc. I'd be happy to create videos or articles on concepts that might confuse you or that you're interested in learning more about.
  4. Help with recovery or support issues. For e.g. in r/Metamask you constantly see people withdraw a wrapped token on another chain and can't find the deposit to their wallet, I would help guide them to viewing the funds in their wallet, and ultimately, getting them back on the chain they actually intended to withdraw on. Or better yet, this person would be reaching out to me initially and I could offer them some pros and cons on the options available and they ultimately choose accordingly.

Now, obviously I'm in pretty early stages here of thinking about this if I'm coming to Reddit to ask for feedback however, does anyone have any feedback on this idea, or can you tell me what you would expect or like to see from this service? And how much would you pay monthly?

I'd obviously offer some assurances over getting back to you in a particular timeframe but would anyone ever pay for something that isn't offering you x100 gains and scamming you out of your hard earned money.

I get that people are going to think I'm just going to scam people but that aside, would this ever be something that you or someone you know would go for?