Would you be interested in a Kusama like chain for Ethereum?

1M Ago
Polkadot has a structure where it has a mainnet sisterchain called Kusama and in addition to new upgrades going live on testnets before Polkadot they also go live on Kusama. This is beneficial because upgrades get tested on a mainnet chain instead of just on testnet chains. And Kusama is entirely sperate from Polkadot so if something goes wrong on Kusama it doesn't directly affect Polkadot. So I had an idea of an Eth fork that always forks to future versions of Ethereum before the "Official" Ethereum does. So this Eth fork will always be the most advanced version of Ethereum. What made me first think of this was while I looked at the Eth Pow (proof of work) fork I was thinking it was going in a backwards direction of tech. And then I started to think of a fork that could go in a more progressive forward direction and actually provide a use to Ethereum. While other forks will continue to use outdated tech this fork will be the one that's always ahead of everything else. The "Official" Ethereum would benefit from something that uses its future upgrades in a mainnet environment instead of the current model of only testnets doing so. The relationship between this fork and Ethereum can be similar to the relationship Kusama and Polkadot have with each other. Instead of updates being restricted to testnets until they go live on Ethereum they can go live on this fork before. This new mainnet fork could be the final step in environments that help us ensure the health of Ethereum. So is a fork like this something that you would be interested in?