Would there be a time when ETH hold Stake them self on simple to use device?


I have this question in my mind, as i hear fear of ETH being more Centralized as one of the reason being few Validators control majority of Staked ETH (coinbase, Binance etc).

As Ethereum network being merged to POS many long term Hodlers are adding ETH to stake them (15M+ staked).

I do notice that there is a strong need for being Self Validator rather in Dec/Cen Pools like LIDO,Coinbace etc. And its not easy rather simple to become validator and Stake with 32 ETH.

There fore i have a suggestion OR proposal to bring it to Ethereum Devs.

1- Try to bring a Mobile (Mini Hard drive) Device (Preconfigured) and could be become single or Multiple Validator node's with Extension to Mobile APP to control.

2- This device with the size of an Iphone connects with WIFI/LAN, bluetooth/ USB Charging etc.

3- Reduce collateral limit from 32 ETH to 8 ETH OR Less. this way more Young investors will start there own Validator nodes.

I am not sure if there is any device available, But this would bring Ethereum network security to be more Decentralized.

This is my opinion and i wish this to happen soon if its not already there.