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Winding Tree, More Info on This Solid ICO

From the forward of the Winding Tree white paper: >The travel industry is dominated by a handful of companies which, through market power and industry politics, have created a highly-concentrated market. They are able to charge superior margins, cause double marginalization, and, in some cases, simply collect rent. Rent-collection and superior margins inflate the cost of supply, with consumers ultimately bearing the artificially increased costs. >The consolidated nature of the travel distribution platforms creates a situation where the intermediaries have no incentive to use new technologies. Instead, they spend resources on locking their customers into using systems that were in some cases created decades ago. >Current archaic technological solutions hinder innovation and create extremely high barriers to entry for new platforms. Blockchain technology allows for a ground layer to be built for a truly free and competitive market in travel distribution. Winding Tree has a solid product and strategy, solid team, and a fair token sale. These are the key indicators of a high-quality ICO. I think there is a tremendous opportunity to disrupt the travel distribution market with new decentralized technology.. and this is a massive market: **annually $7.6 trillion** ( Venture Beat wrote an excellent article on Winding Tree: Read about this troubled market in this McKinsey report: In this article you will read discussion on incumbents, such as Sabre. Winding Tree team member William Niejadlik started his career at Sabre and later co-founded travel site Vayama. The other team members have also deep experience in the distribution side of the travel industry. They have MANUEL ARAOZ as ADVISOR. He’s the Fo...
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⟠ Latest Week in Ethereum News!

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The Future of Optimistic Ethereum

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