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Why Unsecured Credit Matters?

Decentralized finance has been the biggest thing after ICO boom, But it has a serious limitation, in order to access lending markets, you are required to put up assets worth more than you intend to borrow(\~1.5 times more in most cases), But without unsecured lending it will not entice the common man. [](
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DeFi: $15 million hack for Eminence

The DeFi Eminence protocol has been hacked. The creator of the protocol, Andre Cronje, who also founded (YFI), has reported it on Twitter. 
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WizKey: the future of the credit market

WizKey, established in 2018 by an experienced team of structured finance operations, is an infrastructure that uses the blockchain for credit tokenization.
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Eminence Finance - The DeFi Hack of the Year

The crypto world was rocked today, in a few hours a tweet launched one of the fastest growing cryptos Eminence only for it to come crashing down. Over $15 million was stolen in under a day. Here is ev...
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Ethereum Cumulative Fees In 2020 Eclipsed Bitcoin

Cumulative transaction fees paid to Ethereum (ETH) miners for 2020 are now close to double those of Bitcoin (BTC), clocking in at $276 million versus $146 million. A chart released by Coinmetrics high...