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Why this Ethereum DeFi coin has surged 400% in two days

All eyes may be on Bitcoin right now but in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space, investors have been caught off guard by a rally in a coin called Saffron Finance (SFI), also known as Spice.

From a glance, it may be unclear why the coin is rallying: Saffron Finance is run by an anonymous team, and further, the contracts of the protocol are currently unaudited.

But it’s up 400 percent in the past two days alone, and even more if you look at its launching price on Uniswap five days ago.

What is Saffron Finance?

Saffron Finance’s story is a unique one.

Basically, it’s a clone or competitor to BarnBridge, an extremely similar protocol run by “doxxed” developers and funded by leading investors in the space such as Kain Warwick of Synthetix.

BarnBridge and Saffron Finance are both attempting to introduce tranches into the cryptocurrency space.

Tranches are concepts from traditional finance that say financial products can be split up to separate risk and returns to accommodate different investor needs. In the simplest terms, junior tranches carry more risk but yield more while senior tranches carry little risk but yield little.

A few weeks after BarnBridge unveiled its website, Saffron suddenly popped up on the map, launching a Discord and Telegram group with a few dozen members.

It was quiet at first for a few days, then it became clear that Saffron actually had a product while BarnBridge did not, at least not yet.

Saffron’s first product is tranched liquidity provision to Compound in DAI. Junior tranche providers get a small interest payment (~0.5 percent APY) while senior tranche providers can make around 50 percent APY. Depositors get SFI.

The project, while run by anonymous developers, has generated a lot of traction on Twitter.

Investors from prominent DeFi funds such as Spartan Capital, Mechanism Capital, and others have mentioned the Saffron Finance project in a positive light.

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