Why stake in a pool instead of simply swapping to a liquid staking token?

19D Ago
Right now, I can stake 1 ETH on Coinbase, convert it to ETH2 and receive about .99 cbETH back. Or, I could directly swap 1 ETH on CB or Defi and get about 1.05 cbETH back. Similar discrepancies are there for other liquid staking tokens, too. Which begs the question: If I have unstaked ETH lying around, why would I ever want to stake it a shared pool instead of simply swapping it for an existing liquid token? Especially when it's a reward bearing token like rETH or cbETH - I'd get a discount now and a bonus later when I can redeem for the interest it's already gained to-date. The tax situation is basically the same, for swapping out of ETH into a liquid token, right? When unstaking unlocks, there’s nothing I’d need to redeem a token for ETH2 besides the token itself, right? Anything else I haven’t considered? This was removed by a bot in another sub earlier this evening - so apologies for anyone reading this twice.