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Why is SwapSpace?

SwapSpace is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator, which integrates several swap services to make your exchanges faster and more convenient.

Our service does not have an extra fee over the rate provided by our partners. Vice versa, we negotiate with our partners the opportunity to provide profitable terms to our customers.

SwapSpase includes well-known cryptocurrency exchangers such as Changelly, ChangeNOW,, Godex and SimpleSwap. That’s why we do not provide swaps with our wallets or exchange system. We have integrated all the functionality of our partners to ensure exchanges. So you could just choose the most profitable rate from the line-up.

Our mission

The mission of the project is to save you from wasting time looking for a suitable exchanger. We’ve already done it for you. SwapSpace provides the opportunity to choose the optimal exchanger according to the number of criteria such as currency rate, fee percent, amount of cryptocurrencies and much more.

Your profit

- Rate selection. You wouldn’t spend time searching for the best rate. All the rates of the exchangers integrated into SwapSpace are displayed. Just choose the most suitable one from the list.

- Funds saving. You wouldn’t pay for swaps twice. We don’t take extra fees over the rate provided by exchangers integrated into SwapSpace. Moreover, now we are discussing with partners the opportunity to decrease rates, so soon it may become more profitable to swap with SwapSpace than directly with exchangers.

- Wide range of cryptocurrency. Thru the integration of several services, there is a wide selection of cryptocurrencies presented on SwapSpace.

- Support line. SwapSpace has fast and convenient support. Except for our own, we also developed a dedicated support line for each service. This one speeds the process of solving issues.

Who we are

We are a team of crypto enthusiasts. There work qualified specialist on the projec...

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