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Why Ethereum Should Go Mobile

We live in an increasingly mobile world where I can order a vehicle driven by a complete stranger to take me anywhere, I can get food delivered in minutes, and I can conduct almost all my immediate banking needs — all via apps on my phone. We’re in a decade when firing up a computer to do these tasks would seem tedious compared to quickly swiping on a phone. Computers are no longer required, let alone optimal over mobile access, and this innovative trend has big implications for the future of Ethereum.

Mobile applications are the future, and they’re increasingly showing promise over desktop and web technologies. Today, we spend 42% of our time online using mobile devices rather than computers, a massive transition from 10 years ago. This move to mobile is coming to crypto, and tech giants like Samsung and HTC are already leading the charge with blockchain phones, and large-scale blockchain companies like Coinbase and Ledger have released mobile apps. Continued research and innovation are what’s opened mobile to become a secure place to store and transact with digital assets.

Recent global events like the COVID-19 pandemic illustrate how interconnected and reliant we are on digital networks for goods and information. In this context, being able to communicate, transact, conduct business, take out loans and manage assets from a mobile device is a great advantage, if not a necessity with social distancing. Mobile access to Ethereum and decentralized finance can make a big difference as we all weather this pandemic.

Opportunity in emerging markets

Anyone under 40 likely has just as much experience or more with smartphones than they do with computers. Globally, people use their phones for basic banking tasks, and many of them don’t own computers at all.

Two years ago, there was practically no such thing as open decentralized finance. DeFi allows anyone to create and access a host of new financial tools that have sprung from the Ethereum ...

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