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Where Will Crypto be in 2019? Crypto Experts Share their Predictions

As the year comes to a close, let’s get the scoop on Cryptocurrency predictions for 2019! Crowdfund Insider reached out to the Fintech and crypto community for its thoughts on how the sector will change during the next year. What disruptions, innovations, regulation, and partnerships can we expect and/or hope for during the year? How will blockchain be further incorporated into decentralized projects? And what about Security Tokens?

Crypto Invest Summit co-founder Alon Goren‘s take on Security Tokens follows:

“The space is growing immensely, particularly when it comes to teams that are building great usable products and Security Tokens/Digital Assets on the blockchain. 

I think that 2019 will be about overcoming the perception hurdle regarding the bear market (crypto prices dropping), and scammy projects that left a bad taste.  I also believe it will be a year where many uncertainties die and legitimate projects rise to the surface (did I mention Securities Tokens??!).

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UTRUST Global Partnerships VP Sanja Kon predicts an increase in cryptocurrency transactions in 2019:

“Crypto payments until now have mostly been a niche phenomenon, with Bitcoin being the primarily used cryptocurrency. In 2019, we will witness a rise in multiple cryptocurrency payments, as more and more customers are getting interested in the advantages crypto payments bring, among which the lower transaction cost and decentralization.”

How will regulations play a role in 2019?

DSTOQ Co-founder and CEO Craig McGregor weighed in:

“The nature of cryptocurrency means that prices are constantly and rapidly changing. 2017 saw record highs, 2018 saw record lows – it’s difficult to predict what the next year will bring. What we can be certain about it that incoming regulation and i...

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