Where do I safely stake my ETH?


Hi everyone, so, as the tittle says, as an ETH kinda maxi, with the upcoming update that will allow stake withdrawals, I wanna stake my ETH, but I wanna understand all the risks that may or not come with it, so I see no better place to ask than here.

I don’t wanna stake in a CEX for obvious reasons, and also I don’t see myself running my own node despite having the atm required ETH to do so, cuz for starters I live in a country with not so good internet connection, and I heard if you go offline you may be penalized.

So I’m left with Lido and RocketPool, right? But how safe is it to stake with them or any other similar protocol? Really, how safe? Even if there’s a 0,000…1 % chance of losing my ETH doing so, no thanks then.

Anyways guys, thanks in advance!