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When Ethereum new blockchain? After Serenity or Istanbul/2.0 ?

Post Istanbul hard fork on Dec 4, will there be two (planned) blockchains? Will it make the current chain ProgPOW? When the 2.0 fork happens, and I hold 1 ETH, do I get 1 ETH and 1 ETH2? Or will there be only 1 ETH that I can move between chains? Read title as When Ethereum new blockchain? After Serenity/2.0 or Istanbul ?
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PoolTogether Tokenizes Tickets

Learn more about PoolTogether and their recent launch of tokenized tickets - furhter allowing the game to expand to a non-technical audience.
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A supercharged DEX launches on Ethereum

Loopring Exchange launches its beta. It uses a scaling technology called zkRollup, that promises to make using the exchange quicker and cheaper.