When do you think that NFTs will become popular among most people?

1M Ago
NFTs exploded in popularity last year, with plenty of famous celebrities using their following in order to promote the new crypto craze. I read that according to a new survey published by Washington, D.C.-based think tank Pew Research Center, 49% of Americans have heard of NFTs despite the that this crypto sector was very niche just a few years ago. American investors, however, do not truly want to purchase NFTs. NFTs haven't really entered the public yet, as just 2% of them really choose to purchase digital art. What do you think why is that? I know that there are a lot of skeptics but now every industry is becoming a part of the NFTs realm, if you're into fashion you'll probably pick Faith Tribe, if you're into popular collections there are Moonbirds and BAYC, Messi, Ronaldo, and other football players have their own NFT collections and so on. So, there are a lot of options, it's all about your taste and what you think will benefit you the most. The vast majority of investors cite the prospects of making money as the main reason why they decided to dip their toes in digital assets. Have you ever thought about it?