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What Tokens/Projects will benefit from Pos launching in june?

The halvening for btc was hyped everywhere and now its over and seems to have been replaced by enthusiasm for Ethereum launching eth 2.0. I can think of 2 coins directly affected by this change. ​ 1. Eth. For obvious reasons. 2. RPL (Rocketpool). Staking pool smart contracts, allowing people to stake who don't want to run their own hardware and allowing people with hardware to stake with less than 32 Eth etc. What other projects are there and what gains do you expect to see?
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Axie Infinity: Land Dev Update!

Axie Infinity is a grand experiment for a new type of game — one that gives more ownership and voice to its players. Our community is an integral, driving force within Axie and this update will start…
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Greyscale’s bullish moves

Independent researcher Kevin Rooke estimates that Grayscale has ramped up its Bitcoin accumulation to a rate equivalent to 150% of the new BTC created since the halving
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Brave vs. Zoom

Brave has launched in-browser video calls featuring end-to-end encryption
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Magic Authentication — Placeholder

Magic is a passwordless authentication system. It starts with “magic links,” where you’re e-mailed a login link instead of providing the usual username and password. Magic makes it quick and easy ...