What's the best way to keep up with Ethereum news and what's happening in the scene?


Hi everyone :D.

Another epic noob question ':D.

In my quest to better understand this stuff, I've been looking around at news and stuff to read... I've learnt a lot from this subreddit which started with trying to understand NFTs and it seems like Ethereum's pretty much everywhere when thinking about the things I asked in previous questions/thread; multiple blockchains that do various things, blockchain gaming, cross-chain... stuff (I'm not saying this properly... :().

Minus the basics of just learning what Ethereum and the tech actually is, how do you guys go about keeping track of what's happening in the scene?

I remember in my NFT question threads, people said Discord and Twitter (for NFTs); does this also translate to Ethereum in general?

I ask because there's so many blogs and publications and things and my subscription list is getting out of hand and it feels like a lot.

What do you guys recommend and think?