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What is Freelanex Platform?

What is Freelanex Platform? 🤔🤔

Freelanex is a decentralized platform which provides an environmental system on Blockchain. Thanks to it, freelancers and their potential clients will be easily in contact — having the opportunity to work together in a trustful ecosystem — where all the working relationships will be managed by our Smart Contract and will be guaranteed thanks to the use of the blockchain technology. All transactions between the Freelancer and the client will be unchangeable, transparent and trustworthy. In addition, our system will be strong and resistant for any breach to protect Blockchain data storage. To provide security for users in Blockchain there are standards and features, that will be automatically applied by Blockchain — programming withinthe smart contract, to allow data validation in less than a second:

• Payment guarantees • KYC • Legal conditions • Safety

The Hyperledger authentication application will be used to maintain all events and records concerning the Hyperledger, while business logic classes will be based on rules and specific permissions levels (in conjunction with Hyperledger itself).

All the trusted independent persons will be collected and added to our white list, in order to ensure compliance with the judicial organization for both sides — by registering the data on Blockchain until confidence and transparency are found.

These written information and conditions in the contract can not be penetrated and can not be changed by anyone: immutability is one of the reasons why we decided to use the blockchain technology. 😎

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