What inspired you to begin purchasing cryptocurrencies, and when did you begin?

self.ethereum1m ago
I'm interested because, as we went to cryptocurrency acceptance, everything sprang out at once, crypto, metaverse, and the entire issue is there in talks, the press, and on television. Which cryptocurrency caught your curiosity the most at first? When ETH was not worth much a few years ago, I didn't anticipate anything extraordinary to happen, and it all happened unexpectedly. I'm pleased I made such a radical change in my life and began doing more study on cryptocurrency. I remember, that because I didn't know anyone who was working with Ethereum at the time, I was on my own and couldn't receive any solid advice. I now use Metis thanks to various Reddit users who assisted me much by exposing me to L2 platforms, and I must state that these L2 solutions are crucial for dealing with petrol prices. What did you find most confusing at the time? Many of us work with cryptocurrencies and devote significant attention to them. How are you dealing with the recent dips, are you concerned, and have you considered selling crypto?