What happened with Ava Labs is a clear indication that any crypto with a company behind it, is not really crypto. It’s just a tool to help fund and further the main company’s agenda.

1M Ago
So apparently this is still “alleged” information and the Avax team has denied the claims (although they still haven’t published any explanation up until now) But we’ve seen enough videos, recording and claims to sure that there is at least something very unethical practice happening with Ava Labs and Avalanche. **TLDR;** **Ava Labs (the company behind Avalanche) hires a legal team which then intentionally sues multiple big name networks in the market like Solana and Binance’s BSC chain in order get rid of competitors and get access to said competitors’ insider information through dirty legal tactics.** Even some of the biggest and most respected names in the space like Foobar and Gainzy have already denounced Avalanche and their alleged practices. I’m not here to antagonize any AVAX holders, on the contrary, I’m here to give my opinion/advice regarding these centralized companies and projects invading the crypto space. Its very ironic of Avalanche to claim that they’re “completely decentralized” when everything happening behind the scenes (regardless of what happened yesterday) is fully controlled by a 100% centralized company with their own stocks, agendas, and profiteers. Don’t get me wrong, we obviously need major companies to participate and get integrated into the crypto space if we ever dream of going mainstream. I’ve always been vocal about this. I’ll use Polygon as an example here because they’re Avalanche’s main competitor and have always been attacked by Emin on Twitter (along with the many other projects he ironically slanders there as well) Polygon has already helped introduce many companies into the crypto/Web3 space including social media conglomerates like Facebook and Disney, online payment giants like Stripe, and some of the most recognizable brands in the world like Coca Cola. However, the main difference is that these companies have no control, influence, or any kind of say about what Polygon can or can’t do. They don’t use Polygon as a way to manipulate the market to their own personal advantage. Its so funny how Emin describes Avalanche as “decentralized” and accused not just Polygon but MANY other networks of being centralized and to some extent even evil, when the reality is that he was always doing the exact opposite of what he preached himself. I won’t get into technical bullsh#t and all the “sell now” or “It’s going to see the same fait of LUNA” cringe you see everywhere. I will however say advise anyone reading this to NOT invest any money into a coin that is backed by a company. This literally goes against everything that crypto stands for in the first place. I really hope this end well for Avalanche, its holders and its builders because non of them were involved in the dirty tricks that the higher ups were involved with. I do hope however that these higher ups do receive the consequences they deserve.