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What Ethereum Should Learn from Libra: A Content Perspective

Unless you’re blocked by all of crypto Twitter, you’re no doubt aware of Facebook’s foray into blockchain: Libra. Like many people working in the Ethereum ecosystem I met this news with utter disgruntlement, but thought I should check it out anyway. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, right? Maybe it’s not a maniacal scheme to achieve complete control over our financials as well as our data…

But as I read through, a few things really surprised me. Sure, it’s not perfect content design, but it attempted what so many blockchain companies simply don’t bother with: it used language we can all understand. It spoke about people, not protocols, and mentioned how Libra could impact my life. And I think this is something we can — should! — emulate in the decentralized community. It might be our only chance to achieve mass adoption.

So what should we be copying?

A refreshing lack of jargon

I think my favourite part of the whole Libra site is that you wouldn’t necessarily even know it was a blockchain product (until you get to the white paper, of course). From a quick scan of the page, you’d probably think Libra is a new way to transfer money anywhere in the world for next to nothing. Or as easily as “sending a text message.”

This is a tangible benefit.

This tells me what I can do with it and why I might care.

Now, this wasn’t perfect — I did have to connect the dots a little. The site isn’t crystal clear about how Libra will deliver on the promise…it just says that it “should be as easy as sending a text message.” However, that is something that I can imagine doing. And something I imagine will make my life easier.

Tell a story of value not tech

Some of you might be thinking, “but isn’t bad to obfuscate the product’s technology?” Well, how often do the websites we use every day talk about the TCP/IP or HMTL protocols of web technology they sit on top of?

The value of blockchain is not yet ...

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