What do you think about the Federal Reserve’s meeting?


I'm excited to see Ethereum network has continuously evolved during the past few years, and the recent successful completion of the Shanghai upgrade has boosted optimism within the community.

But what do you think about the Federal Reserve’s meeting and a potential interest rate hike that may affect the ETH price?

I decided this year to keep a close eye on ETH as well as on some of the Metaverse tokens - APE, Windfall, AXS, and a few others.

If the Fed decides to increase interest rates, it could lead to a stronger US dollar, making investments in cryptocurrencies like ETH less attractive and potentially driving the price downward.

Conversely, if there is no rate change, this may signal a start of a liberal monetary policy, potentially supporting the ETH price as investors seek alternative assets to hedge against inflation.

So, what do you think about the potential outcome?