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What do we know about the new Plasma protocol by Vitalik Buterin and what problems does it solve?

What do we know about the new Plasma protocol by Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Poon. What problems does it solve?

Dmitry Korzhik is responsible for product development in Rocket ICO, the first DAO startup accelerator. The pre-ICO, which is currently live, already raised 94% of the cap.

On August 9, Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Poon (co-founder of Lightning) presented a Plasma project white paper to the wide audience. In fact, this is the implementation of Lightning and Raiden technologies using Ethereum. The existing version of WP will be greatly expanded and complemented, now it is practically a draft version. Nevertheless, the main essence of the project and its potential possibilities can be considered now.

One of the main obstacles to the full implementation of the crypto currency in the real world economy is the low productivity of the classic blockchain. At the present time there is not a single public blockchain that could be compared with the productivity of centralized solutions, such as Paypal, Mastercard or Visa.

Of course, this statement can be partially disputed, because the organizers of some blockchains say that they have solved this problem. However, all these blockchains achieve high performance due to the reduction of the safety parameters to a critical level. Therefore, they can be used only in private blockchains, where all validators must be conscientious by default.

The developers of the Lightning platform offer to solve the productivity problem by taking channels or sidechains out of the blockchain. Most of the transactions will occur in them, unloading the main blockchain. It will only record the finished result — the information about opening and closing channels.

Lightning works on Bitcoin Core, its analogue in the ethereum network is the Raiden sidechains system. But, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum allows you to grow in many different ways.

One of these methods is offered by the P...

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