What are the main problems P2E games need to solve to become mainstream?


Although I have high hopes for blockchain gaming, there are certain evident problems that might limit widespread adoption and give the P2E / NFT gaming industry more negative publicity. I would add to the list some of these issues:

Most people say that NFT games are not fun,

I was one of them until I started checking out CoinFantasy or Gods Unchained. It's true that there have been a ton of game tokens and releases in the NFT space recently, and many of them look like garbage with very questionable gameplay. It becomes tough to keep gamers engaged when the gameplay is extremely repetitive and there are less than 30 minutes of it. People just stop playing the game when they stop making money.

Overall the majority of current P2E games feel more like a job with the worst kind of grind. Would you agree?

How about a high entry barrier?

The majority of casual players simply cannot pay the admission cost.
It causes two related problems: First, the game is inaccessible to regular users, which hinders long-term user growth. Second, investors are typically traders rather than gamers. The developers receive little input when the investors don't actually play the game, and the game gradually dies.

Poor tokenomics is probably one of the common issues:

Traders buy NFTs and hire gamers (scholars) to play the game using these NFTs.
Scholars make money in the form of native crypto tokens.
Investors and gamers dump the token on new investors.

However, once new investors stop to join the game, there is no exit liquidity for current investors.

We all know that traditional gamers hate NFTs, but I believe that one of the problems is that investors have unrealistic expectations. Despite the fact that there are many problems with this sort of gaming in general, I believe that we should give it a try because there are many fantastic games.

What do you think about all of the problems I've mentioned—will they soon be resolved? That, in my opinion, is the crucial element that will allow games to advance even further.