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"What a Horrible Mining Pool!" Coinfly telling the stories of relations with its customers.

It is sometimes as difficult for a mining pool market newcomer as for a weakling nerd in the company of pumped-up classmates at a disco getting occasional pushes and insults. And we know it firsthand as we entered the market recently, and are already mining Ether! Users who are offered good conditions and a lot of profit often make mistakes and rush to blame the pool. Let’s be honest, guys, we are not the only ones who occasionally screw up;) Just take a look at the proofs below.

Where is my money? No, you tell me: WHERE IS MY MONEY?

Nobody wants to see new players on the mining pool market: neither competitors, nor the miners themselves, many of whom prefer to stay in their comfort zone working with a proven scheme. And, just in case, drown newcomers in waves of negativity and accuse them in advance of not having pure intentions. Because you cannot be too cautious, can you? :)

The main thing is that we, as the Ethereum mining pool that has recently entered the market, most often hear from users: “Where did my money go?”, “Thieves!”, “Scam”. Shall we see how it actually happens? ;) Of course, all the cases below are impersonal, and the coincidences… well, they, alas, are not accidental.

So, here’s the first case. For a couple of days, user X corresponded with our support team asking our specialists several times where his money was. The balance showed a certain amount, but he could not withdraw it. In the end, it turned out that he was looking at the minimal amount (this amount comes after the slash, circled in blue), and his balance (like yours, dear users) is the first amount.

Moving on to the next case. User N wrote the letter O instead of zero in the wallet address bar. And, of course, he did not receive anything, and therefore immediately began to write us angry messages using the words like “cheated”, “where is my balance”, until we figured it out and changed the address to the correct one.

Where are the proofs, Bi...

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