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We're going to wake up one day and find out CZ has been arrested or killed. Mark this post.

*CZ: Changpeng Zhao, founder and CEO of Binance.* CZ is a vindictive megalomaniac, and the little-known lawsuits scattered across the world tell his story. From seizing ex-employee's crypto accounts to questionable behavior on super-yachts, this is a man I trust less than Ripple's Brad Garlinghouse. As for Binance the company, probes are piling up in too many countries to mention. They range from money laundering to bribery, and everything in between. This has brought scrutiny from regulators, who then turn a flashlight on some obscurity where Binance isn't compliant. Then the company "forks". Take Binance.US for example, which is ostensibly an independent fork of Binance International. Yet CZ retains majority control of the fork (90% in this case) with "yes-men" making up the board of directors. This long-running suspicion of mine was confirmed by the NYT and Decrypt's investigations after the CEO Brian Brooks stepped down after 3 short months. He was an important figure in crypto for those that don't know. Also, he was appointed CEO abruptly after the former CEO Catherine Coley abruptly stepped down. She disappeared after, and nobody's been able to find her since. Her social media went dark too. Her last tweet was in April. Now dear reader, I see an area of the woods ahead that looks tinfoil-hatish, so I'll just add there are rumors she's turned "*state's*", which means she may be cooperating with investigators. There is however, no hard evidence of such a thing. What about an IPO? There are no plans for an IPO, "Ever," according to CZ. That's suspicious, especially since this was uttered from his bespectacled head before Binance's crush of legal problems. That means there's no real interest in compliance, yet you're a CEX, you're not a DEX, so please Binance, stop acting like a freedom fighter with reveries of martyrdom. I mean my god, anyone ever take a s...
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