We Need a Powerful Legal Strategy To Prevent a Four Year Bear Market Caused by Licensing Requirements


Many people in crypto think that SBF is a plant. He donated lots of political money, He and Caroline's parent's have suspicious ties politically, and to Gensler as well. They also dragged FTX international into US Jurisdiction and US Bankruptcy. They also appointed Enron's Liquidator.

This seems very inside job.

The goal is to crush the industry and technology with licensing without changing the law.

We need to pull every word in the Commodity Exchange act apart word by word, and bring it to federal and SCOTUS, then get most of the democrat representatives, or 40% of them on our side, on DeFi's side, (the republicans are easier to convince, they aren't maxi's or anti-crypto)

and encode the law.

This is our ultimatum. Change the actual law, change the Commodity Exchange act and SEC, fundamentally challenge the Licensing system in the US, or they get their way and break us for years, and spread the system overseas.