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We Are Funding Ethereum’s Future. Here’s How You Can Help -- Panvala

We Are Funding Ethereum’s Future. Here’s How You Can Help.

75+ Ethereum community members are already doing their part to support the Ethereum ecosystem. This is your last chance to join them.

We all want Ethereum to succeed. But without sustainable funding for the people working tirelessly to make a decentralized future possible, there won’t be one at all (well, not on Ethereum, but hey, at least we have Libra now).

That’s why since November 2018, when we announced Panvala Token Grants, Panvala has issued 🍳PAN token grants every 3 months to teams doing the work that moves Ethereum forward. We’ve awarded:

🍳400 000 to Sigma Prime and Prysmatic Labs for their work on implementing the ETH 2.0 specification…

🍳350 000 to Prototypal for their work on a Counterfactual Metamask Integration…

🍳300 000 to Ethers.js for work on version 5 of their popular Ethereum application library…

In total, 19 grants have been awarded to teams across the ecosystem working on security and scaling. A list of all grantees, the work they do and the amount of tokens received can be found on our website.

In Panvala, donors help fund the grants: Built by ConsenSys, Panvala is a donor-driven platform — like a decentralized Ethereum foundation — that runs on its own currency. Panvala Patrons pledge to make a donation, starting from $15, to help fund the work that needs to be done in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Building up a steady flow of donations ensures that the people that improve Ethereum over time know they will be rewarded for it. When you become a patron, we’ll add your name to the growing list of patrons on our website (unless, of course, you want to stay anonymous). We believe that everyone who does their part to fulfill the Ethereum vision should be recognized for it.

At the time of writing, 75+ Ethereum community members have become Founding Patrons of Panvala. Our Founding Patrons are the most important members...

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