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We are 157 thousand silver-investors in need for a crypto-secured wire-transfer without counterparty risk

I would appreciate your input on the following situation and how it can be implemented in the smartcontract-ecosystem. We don't need a massive counterparty vault and metal backed crypto-tokens which lead to confiscation and dilution. We keep silver in our own posession. But in addition, we will need a silver wire-transfer without counterparty risk. Say I want to pay some ounces of silver to a target 1000 miles away. I ask the crypto-system to arrange that. It tells me to meet with someone who is 1 mile away, that person gives me a hash that I can immediately verify, i give the ounces plus a fee. 1000 miles away the target gets a notice containing another hash and arranges a meeting with someone 1 mile away to get the ounces for that hash. We don't need a banking system for that. The counterparty risk is limited to the amount we transfer and only for the duration of the transfer. Note that these tens of thousands of silver-investors do not want to learn the ins and outs of smart contracts, we want something that \*just works\*. My initial thoughts on this focused on coin-shop owners who could play the role of the two intermediates: they could exchange silver with Ethereum. But that is a foolish route to consider: They have huge interest in keeping the current system going. When selling they charge us 20% premium. And taxes apply because in most countries coinshop implies company implies taxes. We want a barter-system (taxless like a yard-sale) between the smart-contract world and the physical silver world.
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