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Ways to Earn Free Crypto

I thought some of you lads might find this helpful. Anything earned can obviously be converted into ETH. That's what I do, at least. 1. Coinbase Earn \-Various cryptos are featured. \-You can learn about them to earn $5-$10 in free crypto. 2. CoinMarketCap Learn & Earn \-same sort of thing, but the rewards aren't guaranteed. \-CMC also has airdrops you can participate in for a \*chance\* at winning. 3. CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko Diamonds/Candies \-can be accumulated and traded for NFTs (which, of course, can be sold for ETH). 4. Brave Browser to get BAT \-you basically use BB instead of Chrome or Firefox \-you'll sign up to view ads and get rewarded in BAT 5. PreSearch Browser to get PRE \-same sort of thing as BB 6. Cashback Debit Cards \-for example, the Coinbase Card will give you either 1% in BTC or 4% XLM \-both of which can be converted to ETH \-Binance and Crypto .com have cards as well 7. Various Mobile Games \-I've only tried COIN and it was 'meh' \-I know there are lots others, maybe somebody has any recommendations? I hope this helps even 1 person! Please let me know if I made any mistakes. Edit: Also!! Can't believe I forgot. Moons in r/CryptoCurrency, Bricks in r/FortNiteBR, and of course, them tasty donuts here.
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