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Warning new scam posing as Ethereum Foundation.

Got an email this morning from a phishing attempt. The email address is from [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). I removed the links below. It will take you to MEW and you know the rest. 馃摲 # It's time to stake your Ether. # Ethereum is transitioning to Proof-of-Stake algorithm. After many debates and EIPs, on August 3rd, Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin announced the **transition to Proof-of-Stake algorithm for the Ethereum blockchain**. The announcement states that during the transitioning period (August 3 - August 15), the Ethereum platform **will run on a hybrid PoW/PoS algorithm**, allowing both miners and stakers to validate transactions and thus **earn Ether**. After August 15th, **PoW** will no longer be sustained and **all blocks will be generated by the PoS consensus mechanism**. As the PoS mechanism is still in transition mode, **staking is reserved for** **registered addresses**, until further development and the release of GUI wallets later on. In cooperation with **MyEtherWallet** \- the open source web wallet for the Ethereum blockchain, we are able to allow **Ether holders to stake their ETH and earn dividends** on a weekly basis. At this stage, **Ether can be staked for up to 10% ROI**, until further implementations on the PoS algorithm, which will reduce the ROI to about 3,5-5%. # Register your Ethereum address and start staking now!
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